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Undergrad CD Student Portfolio Content

1. Welcome statement

2. Key Assignments and Growth page that:

-- Describes the SFSU CD Prerequisites and Courses (use this link:
-- Includes a Key Assignments and Reflection section that contains:

  • GWAR essay
  • Diagnostics report or other writing assignment from Diagnostics
  • One other assignment

--Reflection on Growth over the course of CD Program (500-1000 words)

  • Looking back over past two years, discuss the growth of your knowledge, understanding, and/or skills during your time in the Communicative Disorders Program.
  • Explain the impact of each assignment on this growth.
  • Summarize what your next steps will be after you graduate, and how your time in the program has shaped these steps.
  • Present your unique academic strengths and areas of interest
  • Provide the name, semester, and description of each course
  • Discuss why each was significant to your professional growth
  • Exhibiting each key assignment on your ePortfolio
  • Identify at least one theme that cut across all three courses that has influenced your growth and next steps

3. Student Initiatives Page (timed with grad school preparations)

-- Resume page that includes:

  • Your contact information (as much as you feel comfortable to display)
  • Educational background
  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Employment history
  • Honors and awards
  • Relevant skills
  • References 

-- Observation Hours Form (optional)

-- Clinic Aide Experience (optional)

-- Volunteerism (optional)

-- NSSLHA Participation (optional)

- Letter of Intent (optional)

4. Professionalism (pre-professional competencies)

Present your work in a professional manner

  • Appropriate grammar, spelling, writing style, and use of citations
  • Layout that is easy to navigate and to read
  • Thoughtfully chosen artifacts accompanied by clear explanations
  • Appropriate use of multimedia

Download the Undergraduate ePortfolio Rubric

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